The first ever oracle deck of cards based on the 12 Officials of the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine.


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Our mission is to provide the first truly interactive program of educational materials products and community support, which allows people to easily integrate the ancient wisdom of Classical Chinese Medicine into their daily lives.

This unique tool is based on Chapter 8 of the Huangdi Nei Jing Su Wen or The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine. Chapter 8 is entitled the Secret Treatise of the Spiritual Orchid. This section, although rather short, is very rich in meaning. Within the Secret Treatise the Yellow Emperor, Huangdi asks his physician, Qi Bo, about the ranks and duties of the Twelve Zang (or Twelve Organs). The Twelve organs relate tho the Twelve Meridians or pathways of energy within the body. According to Classical Chinese Medicine the organs are spoken of in terms of Twelve Officials who have specific roles that contribute to the healthy functioning of th Kingdom (the body) as a whole.

After centuries of being contained within the pages of the Yellow Emperor's Classic, these Twelve Officials have the chance to share their wisdom through a brand new medium... The Secret Oracle of the Spiritual Orchid, 52 cards of ancient wisdom for modern lives.

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